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Long Range AR Caliber Options

BY Herschel Smith
2 hours, 14 minutes ago


The Valkyrie takes standard .224-inch diameter bullets just like the .223 Remington but handles higher weights. Common loads among those released so far range between 60 and 90-grains, and 90 is the most common so far. Like the 6.5m Creedmoor, the bullets are by definition long for their weight, so the .224 Valkyrie also carries velocity downrange much more efficiently than .223 Remington alternatives. Let’s consider some examples.

[ … ]

A similar phenomenon happens with the .224 Valkyrie. When comparing to the common “long range” version of a .223 Remington cartridge, the 77-grain bullets, it carries velocity down range more efficiently. A Federal Premium .223 Remington loaded with a 77-grain Sierra MatchKing leaves the muzzle at 2,720 feet per second. At 500 yards, it’s still zipping along at 1,674 feet per second. At 1,000 yards, it’s gone subsonic to 1,056 feet per second. The Federal Premium 90-grain .224 Valkyrie has a muzzle velocity of 2,700 fps. At 500 yards, it’s still cooking at 1,994 fps and carries 1,422 fps at 1,000 yards. Depending on your altitude and other conditions, it can remain supersonic past 1,300 yards.

The ability to “lose less speed over distance” is what makes the 6.5mm Creedmoor and .224 Valkyrie perform well at long range.

Tom McHale likes both the 6.5 Creedmoor and the .224 Valkyrie.

I’ll also comment that after making some rather cryptic remarks about the 6.5 Grendel several weeks ago, I’ve both looked out for good, well-reviewed 6.5 Grendel guns, as well as the availability of 6.5 Grendel ammunition.

There aren’t a lot of guns out there, and the ones that manufacturers do make are quite pricey if the barrel is any good.  There are .224 Valkyrie guns everywhere, some for quite good prices.  I’ve also see a fairly good bit of .224 Valkyrie ammunition in stores and online, but absolutely no 6.5 Grendel in local stores.  Not a single box in any gun store, Cabela’s, or anywhere else.

The .224 Valkyrie sends a 90-gr bullet down range as fast as the 6.5 Grendel 90-gr round, and it seems to hold its velocity better at distance.  If so, then the 6.5 Grendel probably won’t ever be anything more than a “wildcat” round and the Valkyrie will become more popular.

Georgian Woman Strangles Rabid Bobcat To Death With Her Bares Hands

BY Herschel Smith
2 hours, 15 minutes ago

TCJ reporter Fred Tippens has quit his union and I’m paying him the same thing I was before.  He sends this.

A Georgia grandmother won a life and death battle against a rabid bobcat earlier this month by killing the animal with her bare hands after it attacked her in the backyard of her home.

Hart Country resident DeDe Phillips told the Anthens Banner-Herald on Thursday that the will to survive helped her overcome the ferocious predator threatening her life.

‘I thought, “Not today.” There was no way I was going to die,’ Phillips recalled while detailing the June 7 attack.

‘I’m very lucky,’ the 46-year-old added.

The incident occurred around 6pm after Phillips spent most of the day working on her truck.

After finishing up, Phillips said she wanted to send a photograph to her husband of a bumper sticker she placed on the vehicle that read: ‘Women who behave rarely make history.’

Cellphone in hand, she walked out of the house and into the backyard.

‘My neighbor’s dog was barking and it drew my attention,’ she said.  ‘I saw the cat and I took a picture. The cat took two steps and was on top of me. … It came for my face.’

Fortunately for Phillips, she was familiar with the animal’s behavior after spending a lifetime out in the country, where her father-in-law was once a bobcat trapper.

‘They go for your jugular … because when they can get the vein you’re dead in a couple of minutes,’ she said.

‘It caught me slightly on my face, but I got him before he could do much damage there. I took it straight to the ground and started inching my hands up to its throat. I knew that was the only way I was getting out of this,’ she added.

Phillips said she refrained from screaming for help during the struggle, aware that her five-year-old granddaughter was in the house.

‘I was scared if I screamed for help that my granddaughter would come out and I didn’t want that to happen,’ she said.

‘Once I got him where he wasn’t moving I started screaming for my daughter-in-law to call 911,’ she said. Phillips’ son was also called and arrived with a gun and knife to help finish off the animal.

Good Lord!  This woman must be a bad-ass.  I’d hate to tangle with her.

I’m guessing that the cat attacked so quickly that having a gun wouldn’t have been of any use early on in the fight.  At least he didn’t show up to hear “Just shoot up here amongst us – one of has got to have some relief!

Rolling Gun Battle, Shots Fired, Very Little Practice On The Range

BY Herschel Smith
5 days ago

News from Tulsa:

In less than 24 hours, police made their first arrest in a rolling gun battle that played out on a busy Tulsa street.

Police booked Aundre Rogers into jail Tuesday.

Leaving his first interview with detectives, Aundre Rogers said he is innocent.

Sawyer: “Have you thought about what would happen if somebody had gotten hurt?”
Rogers: “I did get hurt. I’m the victim.”

But police aren’t so sure.

Officers arrested Rogers as he left the hospital Tuesday morning – his arm in a cast after being shot during a rolling gun battle near Jasper and MLK Tuesday afternoon.

“How our person in the hospital ended up getting shot in the arm…What we think is he is hanging out the window shooting at the car behind him,” Sergeant Dave Walker said. “It’s a shame he got a booboo on his arm, but he shouldn’t be hanging out the window shooting at people.”

The incident happened in the middle of a busy intersection Monday.

Police said a stray bullet hit the car of an innocent woman as she was driving home from work.

Officers collected more than a dozen shell casings scattered a half mile down the street.

“These bullets go somewhere, and they are not the best shot and they don’t practice, and so the chances of somebody else getting hit that is innocent is great,” Walker said.

“They aren’t the best shot and they don’t practice.”  For some reason this rolling gun battle comes to mind.

The more than 600 rounds that Stockton police fired during a rolling gun battle with bank robbers last year that left a hostage dead by officers’ bullets was “excessive” and “unnecessary,” an independent review found.

The Police Foundation, a research group based in Washington, D.C., released a detailed report Monday on how Stockton police responded to the July 16, 2014, armed robbery of a Bank of the West branch, where three gunmen took three women hostage and fired at officers from a speeding SUV.

The group found that 32 officers unloaded more than 600 rounds during the hour-long rolling gun battle, which spanned three counties, 63 miles of highway and reached speeds of 120 mph. One of the hostages, Misty Holt-Singh, was killed when she was struck by 10 police bullets, authorities said. The two other hostages jumped or were thrown from the vehicle during the chase and survived.

Police officials said they fired on the vehicle to potentially save lives because the men in the car were shooting indiscriminately. The gunmen disabled 14 police cars with gunshots, the report stated.

[ … ]

The report said that a few officers engaged in “sympathetic fire,” in which officers fired their weapons because others were shooting.

In some cases, officers opened fire while colleagues were in front of them. The report highlighted an example during the final standoff, in which one officer lay prone on the ground and did not shoot while an officer next to him, standing, fired “round after round.”

“‘What’s your target?’ the prone officer yelled, thinking he was missing something,” the report stated.

“‘The car!’ responded the officer,” according to the report.

Or if you wish, you could consider a much less dynamic situation.  Either way, insulting a thug’s ability with weapons isn’t really the best strategy at this point, sir.

Note To Gun Shops: You Can Intuit Your Way To Knowledge, Or You Can Read The Captain’s Journal

BY Herschel Smith
6 days, 1 hour ago

Via David Codrea, this.

Several gun-related businesses were suddenly — and without warning — disrupted in recent weeks when Intuit stopped processing credit card payments because sales were gun-related, The Post has learned.

Some of the payments stopped didn’t even involve firearms, but simply T-shirts and coffee mugs and gun safety classes, according to small business owners.

As a result, the businesses had to scramble to track down customers to get them pay their bills after Intuit credited back to customers’ accounts the purchases — even if the T-shirt was already shipped or the class already taken, one businessman told The Post.

At Gunsite Academy, a Paulden, Ariz., company that provides marksmanship training in addition to selling guns that ship to a licensed gun shop near the customer’s home, Ken Campbell was dinged by Intuit’s action.

Campbell, a former Indiana sheriff, had just switched credit card processors this spring — to Intuit, the parent of TurboTax and Quicken software — when the trouble began, he said.

Intuit told Campbell it mistakenly believed firearm sales were being made directly to the customers.

Campbell explained the guns were shipped to a local dealer with a federal firearms license who ran the required background checks. Intuit was unmoved.

Honor Defense, a Georgia firearms maker that ships only to other dealers, had a similar experience with Intuit.

Gary Ramey, president of Honor Defense, told Gun Talk radio host Tom Gresham that Intuit “reversed charges” on his customers as well.

Honor Defense could not immediately be reached for comment.

They’re reporting only on what we discussed almost three weeks ago.  So the issue with Gunsite is a recapitulation of information already out there.  But there is no excuse for Honor Defense.

And there is no excuse for any other gun shop to learn the hard way.  This change should already have been made before Intuit dings their customers.

I’ll stipulate that this site is rather niche, I just don’t get why a gun shop wouldn’t be the first folks to check the gun blogs daily.  Are they out of touch with their customer base or the politics that determines how they will do business?

Coyote Attacks Teenager In Massachusetts

BY Herschel Smith
1 week ago

Via reader Wynn, Foxnews:

A coyote attacked a teen in the woods of Massachusetts over the weekend, Boston 25 News and other local media reported.

The incident happened in Swampscott, northeast of Boston, on Saturday night and paramedics rushed the 17-year-old victim to a hospital, according to the station. The circumstances surrounding the attack were unclear.

The Swampscott Police Department took to Facebook on Saturday evening.

“This evening in a wooded area between Burpee Rd and the upper Jackson Field, there was an incident involving a coyote bite,” authorities said.

They went on, “We urge residents to use extreme caution in any wooded area in town.”

Swampscott police said that they and environmental police searched the area but didn’t find the animal.

They also listed several precautions people can take when dealing with an approaching coyote.

“Walk with a walking stick, carry a noise maker, walk with a buddy,” they said in part.

Probably not a Coyote – probably a Coywolf.

Yea, I carry a noisemaker.  A very loud one.  And I walk with a buddy too.  His name is 230-gr .45 ACP fat boy.  He doesn’t mind it when I call him fat boy.

Say, don’t they have all of that gun control in Massachusetts anyway?

Meanwhile, TCJ correspondent Fred has joined a union and is on strike for better wages.

The Danger Of Appendix Carry

BY Herschel Smith
1 week ago


The author suspect that a shirt got caught in the trigger well.

I’ve engaged in appendix carry before.  I don’t like it, having nothing to do with the danger of discharge.  I find it highly uncomfortable, and would rather [1] open carry, or [2] carry at 3:00, in that order.

On the other hand, regarding negligent discharge of the firearm (wherever it is being carried), I’ll say this.  I don’t run plastic guns (except for an FN5.7, which I will only open carry).

I run 1911s, and I love that safety.  With one motion as I achieve purchase on the grip I can swipe the safety off and be ready to go.  Round chambered, hammer back, safety on.

The thing I give up is weight.  Every choice is a compromise.

Free Range Time With Jerry Miculek

BY Herschel Smith
1 week ago

Long but worth it.

Bear Attacks Montana Researcher

BY Herschel Smith
1 week, 6 days ago

Capital Press:

A grizzly bear researcher for the U.S. Fish and Wildlife Service is recovering from serious injuries following a bear attack in Montana, and a rancher says one or more grizzlies killed two llamas 12 days earlier elsewhere in the state.

Amber Kornak, 28, of Libby, Mont., was working alone near a stream in the Cabinet Mountains south of Libby. She was collecting grizzly hair samples from bushes for DNA testing, said Jennifer Strickland, a USFWS spokeswoman.

Kornak, a seasonal employee, was just a couple of weeks into her “dream job” when she was attacked from behind, suffering two skull fractures and severe cuts to her head, neck and back, her friend, Jenna Hemer, wrote in a GoFundMe post soliciting money for her recovery.

Kornak sprayed the bear with repellent and walked two miles to her vehicle and drove for help, Hemer wrote.

She underwent four hours of surgery at Kalispell Regional Medical Center, including removal of bone fragments from her brain and is home facing a long recovery, Hemer wrote.

“She aims to make a full recovery and get back to doing what she’s passionate about, working with grizzly bears and other wildlife,” Hemer wrote.

Strickland said Kornak was following USFWS work protocols, and that those protocols are being reviewed.

Officials speculated noise from the stream may have prevented Kornak from hearing the bear approach, the Associated Press reported.

Dillon Tabish, a Montana Fish, Wildlife and Parks spokesman, said the incident is under investigation and the department will confirm the type of bear. Generally, black bears are less prone to attack humans than grizzlies.

The incident follows another attack 12 days earlier more than 100 miles southeast of Libby, when a grizzly or grizzlies broke through a fence at mid-day and killed two trained pack llamas worth about $4,500, the rancher who owned them told Capital Press. Ten other llamas were not injured, he said.

He asked not to be identified for fear of reprisals from environmental extremists.

Since the attack, he’s been locking his llamas in his barn at night and is installing electric fence to protect them and his family, he said. Their nearest neighbor is a quarter-mile away.

“We’ve had grizzlies in our yard occasionally but this was the first kill and it’s spooky to have them come in broad daylight,” he said. “We don’t go too far away from the house without bear spray. I used to carry a Ruger 454, but it gets heavy and I think spray is more effective.”

Thanks, but I’ll keep a gun with me in the bush.  I grok that a big bore gun gets heavy.  But what’s your life worth, sir?

As for the poor researcher, get a gun, dear.  And don’t go out in the bush alone.

And no, TCJ correspondent Fred didn’t send this one to me.

Homeowner Shoots Two Armed Intruders With AK-47

BY Herschel Smith
1 week, 6 days ago

I guess under these circumstances a 7.62X39 will work as well as a 5.56X45.

MEMPHIS, Tenn. ( – – An East Memphis man is not facing charges, after Memphis Police say he opened fire on two burglars in his home.

Local 24 News learned the two men later died from their injuries.  The shooting happened around 7:00 p.m. Friday in the 1700 block of Myrna Lane, close to Overton High School.

The homeowner told Local 24’s Annette Peagler, he believes this break-in started as retaliation towards his friend.  He says one of the suspects came to the home weeks before the shooting claiming that the homeowner’s friend owed him money.

“You know you see your stuff ransacked, your puzzled and you trying to figure out what’s going on,” the homeowner said.

Memphis Police identified the suspects as 28-year-old Azell Witherspoon and 17-year-old Demond Robinson.  The homeowner, who wanted his identity hidden for safety, said he came face to face with the two men inside of his home Friday evening.

“He picks up his weapon, he turned around and pointed it at me,” the homeowner said.

He further explains the gun jammed and that’s when both suspects ran to the kitchen.

“I’m assuming they were trying to go out of my back door so as they go through there I jumped in the closet and get my AK 47,” he said.

When that homeowner came back to the front of the house, he found both suspects on his patio.

“He was shooting aiming at my play cousin, so I just let loose. Not knowing I hit both of them,” the homeowner explained.

I visited Memphis once on a job interview right after college graduation.  I decided never to go back.  Reddit has more.

One idiot comments (because Reddit is a prog-magnet) “So no other gun would have worked?”  Stupid, a handgun would not have been as accurate.


Review Of Craft Holsters

BY Herschel Smith
2 weeks ago

Pursuant to the FedGov’s rules regarding product reviews, I should mention that Luke at Craft Holsters sent me a very nice holster to review.  I’ll also mention that I had been interested in a nice leather holster for a 1911 and had even contacted another holster company who, after hearing about what I wanted, offered to discuss it with me and build a custom holster for my Dan Wesson 1911 Guardian (which is a Commander size pistol).

I don’t like Kydex holsters as readers know.  I like leather and Cordura, and have enough tactical stuff to last a very long time.  I needed something nice.

Luke worked with me to select the right one for my pistol, and it’s absolutely beautiful.  The leather is exquisite, the stitching precise, it’s a two-cant position holster, and it’s specifically molded to fit the gun.  Oh, by the way, I like having a retention strap.  I wouldn’t have a holster without a retention device.

Based on what I’ve seen I can highly recommend Craft Holsters.  I have a drawer full of mediocre holsters.  This one is a keeper.  Sort of like a neighbor said to me once concerning jeeps and 4WD trucks.  Jeep drivers have 4WD.  As a truck owner, you have a “Gentleman’s 4WD.”

This is a “Gentleman’s holster.”

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