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Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey’s Crusade Against Guns

BY Herschel Smith
1 month, 2 weeks ago

News from Boston:

Massachusetts Attorney General Maura Healey is ramping up enforcement and oversight of the state’s gun laws, which were updated last year as a response to the Sandy Hook Elementary School shooting in Connecticut.

The Boston Globe reports Healey sent out a letter Tuesday to the 350 gun dealers in Massachusetts and her office plans spot checks on Bay State gun stores to make sure they’re not selling illegal guns.

“For me, this is a public health crisis and acting to address it is a moral imperative,” Healey wrote in the letter, which was also obtained by “There are simply too many guns that are too easy to obtain.”

Healey noted that there were 102,081 sales and transfers of handguns, rifles and shotguns by dealers to licensed state residents in 2014, “more than double the number from 2006.”

“You are selling more weapons to more people at a scale and at a time that demands a heightened vigilance from every dealer and employee,” she wrote.

Massachusetts gun laws, often referred to as some of the nation’s toughest measures, ban semiautomatic assault weapons and “large capacity feeding” devices, though law enforcement officers are exempt from the ban.

In her letter, Healey reminded dealers of the ban.

“At this moment of deep and justifiable anger over gun violence, you have a serious role in ensuring public safety,” she wrote.

She added: “The gun violence epidemic demands our collective action. As responsible gun dealers, I urge you to redouble your commitment to ensuring the safety of your neighbors and ask you to share any ideas you may have to increase gun safety and reduce gun violence.”

Legislators at the State House moved to strengthen the state’s gun laws in 2014 after the Sandy Hook shooting.

The updates included requiring licensed gun dealers to run criminal offender background checks on current and new employees, and post information on suicide awareness and prevention.

The update also required all personal sales and transfers of firearms, rifles and shotguns to be completed through a state gun transaction portal.

“Illegal guns”  … “There are simply too many guns that are too easy to obtain” … “You are selling more weapons to more people at a scale and at a time that demands a heightened vigilance from every dealer and employee.”

Notice the confusion in this language.  She naturally assumes that since more guns are being sold, there must be something illegal going on.  Shocked, she is.  Never heard of the free market, I suppose.  Too easy, says she.  Laws notwithstanding, of course.  Since the laws allow too easy purchase of guns, there are too many of them.  Or, since laws have been “strengthened,” it must be that “illegal” guns are being sold and the law is not being followed.  Or something.

I do indeed understand that progressives are evil, and their desire to control others a reflection of the evil in their heart.  But here there seems to be more at work.  This lady doesn’t impress me as the brightest bulb on the hallway.  In fact, she seems like an unmitigated dumbass to me.  But take note, whether it’s the AG position in Virginia or this AG, executive actions seem to be the current wave of attacks against God-given rights to self defense.

Letitia James Attacks Smith & Wesson

BY Herschel Smith
1 month, 4 weeks ago


The New York City public advocate on Monday asked federal regulators to investigate whether the gun manufacturer Smith & Wesson had made adequate disclosures in its financial statements.

In an eight-page letter, the public advocate, Letitia James, said the Securities and Exchange Commission should examine whether Smith & Wesson misrepresented or omitted information about how often its products are involved in crimes and what it has done to keep its guns out of the hands of criminals.

Shareholders would want to know whether Smith & Wesson faced heightened regulatory scrutiny or significant litigation risk, Ms. James said in the letter.

Nearly two weeks ago, a terrorist attack in San Bernardino, Calif., left 14 people dead and provoked a fresh outcry about gun violence in America. It also is the third anniversary of the shootings at Sandy Hook Elementary School in Newtown, Conn., where a gunman killed 20 children and six adults.

“With the increase in mass shootings, public concern about the proliferation of firearms has animated a national dialogue about gun control measures, interstate gun trafficking, and whether gun manufacturers should take additional steps to ensure that their products do not end up in the hands of criminals,” the letter says. “Smith & Wesson knows that it is at risk of grave reputational harm.”

Ms. James is opening a new avenue in her fight against gun sellers and makers. Earlier this month, she called on TD Bank, a big lender, to stop financing Smith & Wesson. This summer, she convinced the New York City Employee Retirement System, the city’s largest pension fund, to explore divesting itself of its holdings of gun retailers like Walmart and Dick’s Sporting Goods.

Here is the letter, sponsored by the City of New York because it is hosted on a New York City web site.  Ms. James, who makes $165,000 per year at the expense of city taxpayers, and who is almost never on the job to do her job of public advocate, is using her salary, time and staff to fight legitimate, law abiding gun manufacturers by – you guessed it – regulating them to death at the hands of the *  What regulation, what law, what knickers-in-a-wad fabricated problem of the day, it matters not.  This is what community organizers do.  Regulators are the philosopher-kings, and we are the subjects.

No, she isn’t another Bloomberg apparatchik.  She is much more progressive than Bloomberg, and gave an anti-Bloomberg speech upon de Blasio’s inaguration so caustic that that even The New York Times berated it.  She is next-gen progressive.  And like the current administration, she doesn’t mind spending money she didn’t earn from the public coffers to battle what she perceives to be social justice warrior battles.

And we can all say with one voice, “Get a real job and mind your own damn business.  We don’t care what you think.”  I hope Smith & Wesson buries you.

Notes From HPS

BY Herschel Smith
1 month, 4 weeks ago

Hispanic voters vow to punish the GOP.  But, but, but, I thought they were solidly in our camp, conservative, religious and all that?  Isn’t that what we were told?

David Codrea:

No doubt the press will show up, but funny thing — there’s not a lot in the “news” announcing things at this writing.  My guess is, they don’t want it to turn out like Bloomberg’s bus tour, where they kept stops secret because they didn’t want subsidized “supporters” outnumbered. Still, look for the media to give the handful of indignant zealots who do show up inordinate exposure, and to position their camera shots to make it look like the events draw widespread public participation.

It’s because they’ve lost.  No, I’m not saying stand down.  We can never stand down.  Evil knows no end until the very end, i.e., judgment day.  I’m saying that moms have lost, but as a Leopard cannot change its spots, so too the moms cannot help but be collectivists.

LEOs and gun free zones.

In a statement Thursday, Police Chief Steve Conrad expressed surprise that some of his officers weren’t allowed inside the downtown theater.

“Given today’s climate, we would think most businesses would welcome armed and well-trained police officers, on or off-duty, to help out should there be a problem,” Conrad wrote.

Oh go cry me a river.  And what about concealed carriers?  Oh, I see.  You’re more “specialer” than we are.

From Mike Vanderboegh.  This seems to me to be very important.  I might talk to my daughter the Nurse Practitioner about this.  Read it.

Josh Earnest On Guns And The No-Fly List

BY Herschel Smith
1 month, 4 weeks ago

After watching this, I’ve decided that The Captain’s Journal will call for a ban on guns for all one-armed men born on the third Thursday of April.  After all, you never know when they will become a terror problem.

Or not.

Rolling Stone On Assault Weapons Ban

BY Herschel Smith
2 months ago

Rolling Stone:

In a major defeat for the National Rifle Association, the Supreme Court decided this week not to take up a challenge to one of the toughest gun-control statutes in America, a law on the books in Highland Park, Illinois.

Through this inaction, the Supreme Court has cleared a path for other communities across the nation to:

—outlaw assault weapons and high capacity magazines,

—declare these arms contraband and confiscate them,

—and hit violators with jail time and/or a sizable fine.

“The Supreme Court has now signaled that this is consistent with Second Amendment,” Mike McLively, staff attorney at the Law Center to Prevent Gun Violence, tells Rolling Stone. “This could become a national model.”

A national model.  Right.  The writer clearly doesn’t have a clue as to the consequences of this being a national model.  The modes of warfare the resistance could take are numerous.

First of all, since person-to-person transfers of guns is legal and Form 4473 isn’t a determinative record of gun ownership, there is no way for the *.fed to ascertain who has a gun and who doesn’t.  The only way to effect such a confiscation would be door-to-door searches of every home in America, contrary of course to the constitution.

Next, upon such searches, very few firearms would be found.  Most of them would be hidden, all but a few sacrificial lamb guns the owners intended to be found anyway.  It would be a gigantic waste of money for which there wouldn’t be adequate money or manpower resources.

Third, when a banned firearm was used in a self defense situation, rather than go to the state penitentiary for ownership of a banned weapon when the goal was mere defense of family, law enforcement officers might be shot as they entered homes.

Or in the case that weapons were confiscated after such events and the perpetrator (i.e., the one who defended his wife during a home invasion) had been dispositioned through the court, some particularly ill-tempered gun owner might decide to take vengeance on the cop who put him in prison, or perhaps all of his cop buddies.

Or perhaps the gun owner’s friends might not like what they saw and use this as an opportunity to warn other LEOs of the dangers of said confiscations.

Oh dear.  The manifestations of this conflict are far too numerous to detail, and then what I’ve put forward here is only the more pedestrian and mundane of the possibilities.

No gun confiscation scheme is a national model for anything but civil war.  That Rolling Stone doesn’t get that speaks volumes, not of the worth of that periodical, which we all knew anyway, but of the cluelessness of the progressive mind.  That’s the most troubling aspect of this commentary.  We can only pray that they realize the carnage that would ensue under their schema.  If they do and desire this anyway, then there is a cold wind blowing as a harbinger of a dark storm.

Wendy Davis On Texas Open Carry: “I’m A Liar And Everyone Knows It”

BY Herschel Smith
2 months ago


I am a lifelong Democrat. I proudly boast an “F” rating from the NRA. And, yet during my 2014 gubernatorial campaign in Texas, I supported the open carry of handguns in my state.

It is a position that haunts me.

Every few months, on the heels of a shooting that devastates a different corner of America, we find ourselves arriving at exactly the same place: Republicans offer their prayers; some offer up the idea of focusing our attention on mental health; almost none of them mention guns. Democrats talk background checks, magazine limits, closing the gun-show loophole and, ultimately, get exasperated. In the wake of the San Bernardino and Planned Parenthood shootings, the conversations we’re having now are almost exactly the same. Meaningful gun reform still seems as distant as it did when the Manchin-Toomey bill, which would have required background checks on all commercial gun sales, failed in 2013, mere months after 20 children and six adults were killed in a mass shooting in Newtown, Connecticut.

As baffling as this would appear to an outside observer, I know why we keep ending up here. I know why because, even with my history of supporting sensible gun laws, I was cowed by the political realities of my state. Me, a Democrat who wasn’t afraid of making waves when it came to strapping on a pair of pink sneakers as a state senator and filibustering an anti-abortion bill for 13 hours. I might be doggedly progressive most of the time, but when it came to staking out my position on the open carry of handguns in a red state, none of that mattered.

[ … ]

I wanted the campaign conversation to be about education funding, equal pay for women and access to health care—not guns. But this was Texas. Fifty-eight percent of voters in the state think gun restrictions should be either loosened or left alone.

Against that backdrop, I chose to do something that was cleverer than it was wise. I decided to take a position in favor of open carry

Poor, poor Wendy.  But this smacks of repentance of the sin of freedom and liberty, something the progressives will never allow.  So a public explanation, turning, and confession is needed if her sins are to be washed away.  But the sin, notice well, isn’t some untoward dalliance, but rather the sin of caring too much.  If she is to be elected, says she, then the conversation must turn about the issues she can affect.

Thus, she compromised, but the compromise was over something that marks the difference between slave and free men, and the slaves will never allow her to feign being free.  This issue is too important.  It would have been better for her to have put this issue more bluntly.  Her statement should have read something like, “I know I supported open carry, but I lied about that and had I been elected I would vetoed every attempt to pass such legislation.”

Following this more Alinsky-like strategy would have made her a hero.  Now she’s just a goat.  Finally, notice what haunts her.  It isn’t letting her husband fund her way through law school and then divorcing him, or preventing further restrictions on abortion in Texas.  No, the screams of the babies she helped to murder don’t haunt her dreams.  It’s failure to stand firm on gun control.

Don’t worry, Wendy.  We all knew you were lying when you supported open carry, and this confession doesn’t make us think any differently about you.  You were a whore then and you’re still a whore today.

Notes From HPS

BY Herschel Smith
2 months ago

David Codrea:

Get this, you monstrous foreign collectivist, who came to this country to escape Nazi horrors and enjoy the Blessings of Liberty: How twisted and evil that you now work to undermine the very reasons why the Holocaust your family fled from will never happen here, at least without those issuing and carrying out the orders hanging from lamp posts. Because WE WILL NOT DISARM.

No, we won’t.  And that may mean war in numerous forms, some mundane, some terrible.  But war it will be if the rulers insist.

David Codrea:

For we wrestle not against flesh and blood, but against principalities, against powers, against the rulers of the darkness of this world, against spiritual wickedness in high places,” Ephesians tells us. That we do, but it manifests itself in the physical world, and that’s where down payments on the final price are made.

We are facing dark days. We cannot lose courage and we cannot lose faith. And we cannot know what price will be required from each of us.

We are to move forward with courage.

From Uncle, Amitai Etzioni a the Huffington post says we need domestic disarmament.  Uncle responds:

I don’t think progressives understand how that will play out. Those sitting on the sidelines cheering on the disarmament effort are as much fair game as those doing the disarming.

That’s strong tea from Uncle.  And a sign of the times.

The Problem With The Terrorist Watch List, No-Fly List And Gun Prohibition

BY Herschel Smith
2 months ago

Reader and commenter Menckenlite concerning guns and mental health.

Control freaks love psychiatry, a means of social control with no Due Process protections. It is a system of personal opinion masquerading as science. See, e.g., Boston University Psychology Professor Margaret Hagan’s book, Whores of the Court, to see how arbitrary psychiatric illnesses are. Peter Breggin, Fred Baughman and Thomas Szasz wrote extensively about abuses of psychiatry. Liberals blame guns for violence. Conservatives blame mental illness. Neither have any causal connection to violence. The issue is criminal conduct, crime. Suggesting that persons with legal disabilities are criminals shows the nonsensical argument of this politician and his fellow control freaks. Shame on them.

Oftentimes my readers can say things better than can I.  The above quote is a perfect example.  Obama now wants guns from these 47,000 people.

If the federal government doesn’t want the 47,000 people on its No-Fly List to board airplanes, those individuals should be banned from ever owning guns, President Obama argued in his Sunday address from the Oval Office – but if his proposal ever becomes law, America could see U.S. Marines, congressmen, journalists and even federal air marshals mistakenly stripped of their firearms.

“To begin with, Congress should act to make sure no one on a No-Fly List is able to buy a gun,” Obama said Dec. 6. “What could possibly be the argument for allowing a terrorist suspect to but a semi-automatic weapon? This is a matter of national security.”

But while San Bernardino, California, terrorist Syed Rizwan Farook managed to fly to Pakistan and Saudi Arabia under the radar of federal authorities in 2014, thousands of innocent people have been mistakenly linked to U.S. terror watchlists. Some experts and critics contend the federal list process contains many errors and relies on an overly broad standard of reasonable suspicion.

[ … ]

“When I went online to check in with Southwest, they wouldn’t let me. I figured it was some glitch,” he said. “Then I got to the airport and went to check in. The woman had a concerned look on her face. She brought over her supervisor and a few other people. Then they shut down the lane I was in, took me to the side, told me I was a selectee and scrawled [something] on my ticket.”

Hayes said a Southwest Airlines agent later informed him that he was on the government’s terrorist watchlist.

Many children under the age of five have generated false positives when their names were listed among those on the No-Fly List. One 18-month-old baby was pulled off a JetBlue flight in 2012.

In 2003 , 71-year-old Milwaukee nun Sister Virgine Lawinger had her travel plans interrupted.

In 2006, a U.S. Marine had his trip home to Minneapolis from Iraq delayed when his name appeared on the list.

Rep. John Lewis, D-Ga., said he was stopped between 35 and 40 times in only a year after his name appeared on the list in 2003.

Even members of the Federal Air Marshal Service said they were blocked from boarding planes in 2008 after their names appeared in the database.

One marshal told the Washington Times it’s “a major problem, where guys are denied boarding by the airline.”

Leaving the federal government in charge of anything is the surest way to screw it up.  I’m sure it is indeed a problem for the air marshals.  But the biggest issue for me isn’t related to errors and screwups, as prolific as they may be with the *.gov.  Another thing this conversation suffers from is confusion of the terrorist watch list with the no-fly list.  They are not at all the same thing.  Obama wants you to be confused, he revels in it, he will use it to his advantage.

If a terrorist is inside America, deport him.  If a terrorist is trying to get in, bar him.  Close the borders immediately and completely, and the issue of ne’er-do-wells perpetrating crimes and terror via our border will go away.  But since we won’t close the borders, we aren’t serious about this problem, at least not yet.

In the mean time, Obama doesn’t really want 47,000 people to turn in their guns.  He doesn’t care in the least about errors and screwups.  He wants so-called anti-government types on the list, or in other words, people who believe in God, people who believe in the constitution, people who believe in their right to bear arms, and people who think the *.gov is too intrusive and the executive branch too powerful.

And therein lies the problem.  Under Obama’s schema, the executive can put anyone on the list for literally any reason.  I sometimes disagree with Volokh, but in this case I think he nailed it.

… we don’t deny constitutional rights based just on suspicion? If you think you can prove someone is a terrorist, lock him up. If you have probable cause to think he’s a terrorist, and think you can develop proof beyond a reasonable doubt, arrest him. Even if you have only suspicion, follow him, ask people about him, and so on. But if you don’t have enough to prosecute or even arrest someone, you can’t take away his constitutional rights, even if you suspect he’s a terrorist (or if you suspect he’s a drug dealer or a gang member or whatever else).

This is the nexus between mental health and terrorism.  Unfortunately for those who suffer from mental health issues, they are misunderstood and badly characterized, in large measure because everything that occurs due to the existence of evil in the world is falsely ascribed to mental health.

The nexus has to do with the how the progressives treat them.  The commonality is an end run around due process, and the progressives no more regret that for believers in the constitution than they do for those who suffer from mental health maladies.  In fact, the progressives would likely see everyone cast into the same boat – those who suffer from mental health maladies, a category including all conservatives or libertarians.

Don’t fall for the rhetoric.  It’s a smoke screen, a ruse.  Obama and his ilk don’t really care about terrorism in the way you do.  They want to take your guns.  Isn’t it telling and ironic that while collectivists want to ban people from buying guns by executive fiat, Donald Trump is open to the idea.  Or was I being redundant by saying “collectivists” and Donald Trump?”

No One Wants To Take Your Guns

BY Herschel Smith
2 months ago

David Codrea on the Maryland Deputy Attorney General:

“My complete answer, off the record, is we should ban guns altogether, period,” he said. “If you want gun practice with a gun, you can go to the gun range and then you leave it there and you go home.”

He said, in his opinion, personal ownership of firearms should be limited to law enforcement and to individuals who pass licensing tests, pay a tax, have insurance and, as technology allows, have fingerprint trigger locks.

This isn’t substantially different from what we already knew about the gun controllers.

The only way we can truly be safe and prevent further gun violence is to ban civilian ownership of all guns. That means everything. No pistols, no revolvers, no semiautomatic or automatic rifles. No bolt action. No breaking actions or falling blocks. Nothing. This is the only thing that we can possibly do to keep our children safe from both mass murder and common street violence.

Unfortunately, right now we can’t. The political will is there, but the institutions are not. Honestly, this is a good thing. If we passed a law tomorrow banning all firearms, we would have massive noncompliance. What we need to do is establish the regulatory and informational institutions first. This is how we do it.  The very first thing we need is national registry. We need to know where the guns are, and who has them.

Both this controller and the Deputy AG are willing to go some distance towards their goals in order to achieve long term full compliance with their view of the world.

Never trust a “gun controller” because of the second word in the phrase.  There is no limit to the control a controller wants to exercise in his quest to control you.

What Gun Control Advocates Don’t Understand About Gun Owners

BY Herschel Smith
2 months, 1 week ago

Washington Post:

Soon after news broke on Wednesday that a gunman had opened fire on a social service center in San Bernardino, Calif., killing 14 people and wounding 17 others, the liberal Daily Kos website published an opinion piece under the headline “Your opinion on gun control doesn’t matter.” It crystallized much of the anger and frustration that gun-control advocates were expressing on social media in the wake of another American mass shooting.

“If you still bristle at the idea of gun control, fine,” declared the author, Josie Duffy, an attorney who writes on criminal justice issues for the site. “All I’m asking is that you call a spade a spade. To you, the right to own a gun— including one of those assault weapons that looks like what a robot might utilize to kill the enemy in a movie called Robot War 3—is more important than people’s lives. People’s lives matter less than your gun.”

This is a common – and increasingly exasperated – refrain from gun-control advocates. They see passing stricter gun laws as a common-sense response to keep deadly weapons out of the hands of criminals and the mentally ill, and they bristle at those who disagree.

Public polling suggests many of those advocates don’t fully understand the motivations of their opponents: Supporting gun rights, for a large portion of Americans, is about much more than guns.

It’s important to note that some tighter gun-control measures enjoy wide support across America, among liberals and conservatives, gun owners and even National Rifle Association-households as well as those who have never pulled a trigger. More than 4 in 5 Americans support requiring background checks for private and gun-show firearms sales, and nearly as many favor laws preventing people with mental illness from owning guns, Pew Research surveys have found. Seven in 10 support a federal database of gun sales. Over half support bans on semi-automatic and assault weapons.

The piece takes interesting turns and undulations.  But in the end it has the feel and rhythm of another “everyone is so misunderstood” article, including (gasp) gun owners.  Gun owners, they claim, actually do support some gun control measures.

Here they cherry pick data that we have refuted, but suffice it to say [without rehearsing all of the information we’ve covered in the past] that the majority of gun owners don’t want to have to go to an FFL to transfer a weapon, regardless of what the authors claim.

And there may be a nexus between gun ownership and the understanding that we increasingly live in a society defined by Fabian socialism and government control.  But the authors need to spend a little more time around gun owners before writing prose that makes it sound like they can speak authoritatively on gun ownership.  A little more love, a little less government aggression, and a few more promises, and we won’t suddenly come together, agree to new gun control laws, and melt our guns into farming implements.

Man is fallen, he is predisposed to evil, governments only seek more control always, false religions seek to impose their will on other men, and saying “peace, peace,” when there is no peace, is not a recipe for brotherhood.

As for the disagreeable ones over at Kos, I would respond that if you bristle at the idea of gun rights, fine.  But what you are really saying is that while evil men hunt down the innocent in places of work, worship and play to kill them, what you really want to see is those innocent men perish rather than have access to a means of self defense.

You would rather see women hiding and cowering under desks than be able to live another day for their children, and you would rather see blood in the streets for the sake of government control than free men who won’t allow their families to be harmed.

The hatred of police that your hippie fathers and mothers cherished, has turned into a love of government control.  The love of guns owned and operated by the Black Panthers, The Weather Underground and others, turned into a hatred of anything that could threaten the power of the state – once your ilk was in charge.  What you once loved you now hate because it gives someone else that same freedom and power.  Admit it.  Go ahead and admit it.  Is that such an unreasonable thing to ask?

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