Merrick Garland: Obama’s Anti-Gun Nominee

BY Herschel Smith
1 year ago


He doesn’t like free speech.

The Second Amendment Foundation and The National Rifle Association oppose his appointment to the court.

He supported a hearing to ban handguns in DC.

He supported a gun registry.

And back in 2008, Dave Kopel ran down his record on guns.

Okay, so here’s my take.  We can accept this bastard now, which is absolutely loathsome and objectionable, or we can wait until, in order, (1) Trump is nominated, (2) Trump loses to Hillary, and (3) Hillary appoints someone as bad or worse.

I’m not suggesting that we accept the bastard.  If the Senate caves and has hearings on him, they all ought to be tarred and feathered.  I’m merely placing bad and worse in juxtaposition to make a point.  Terry McAuliffe and the power of the vote in northern Virginia will give Virginia to Hillary.  I guarantee it.

In know North Carolina because I live here.  Folks around these parts are horrified at Trump’s antics.  Listen to me.  Embarrassed and horrified.  North Carolina will go for Hillary, I guarantee it.  Florida will be reliable democrat territory.  Colorado is too dominated by Denver, Vail and Aspen, with too few blue collar workers, to go GOP this time, especially with so little difference between the two candidates.  The key swing states will go for Hillary.

Trump has won his states with less than a majority of the GOP voters.  Of the voters left, many of them are conservative Christians who will never vote for someone who supports abortion (not to mention socialized medicine, the two things to which we said we would never agree – remember?).  I said I won’t vote for Trump, and I won’t.  I won’t throw away my vote on yet another least bad option, one who supports abortion, supports a single payer health care system, has a squishy record on gun rights, and is a proven hypocrite on foreign workers and immigration (my four no-compromise issues).  The GOP voters won’t turn out for him like they turned out for the primaries, the party is too fractured.  It will not become fractured, it already is fractured, like a light bulb thrown down on the floor.  Totally busted.  Not in the future, but right now.  It’s over.

Trump cannot win a general election, and virtually all of the polls say that.  So Hillary will be the next president.  The biggest issue we might face will be that Hillary wins with a single party vote with voters pulling a single “lever,” thus ushering in democratic control of the senate and house.  This would give Hillary everything she needed for an assault weapons ban, national gun registry, control over sales of ammunition, and justices on the supreme court to back it all up.

The long and short of it is this.  Prepare for what’s coming.  Steel yourself.  Or better, I hope you are already prepared and putting the finishing touches on your preparations, mental and otherwise.

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john jay

we’ve been through worse, and we survived. it must be added, however, that we’ve lived through worse because brave men died for their beliefs. just sayin’


More importantly, brave men killed for their beliefs.

And stop saying “just sayin'”. Children invoke that pathetic phrase when they can’t or don’t want to defend what they just said.

Dan Morgan

Do the right thing, and the consequences take care of themselves. No excuses, no rationalisation. Man up, do the right thing, or go on over to the other side, where you belong. We don’t want or need you.

Ammono Cruose

If Trump gets the nomination and you don’t vote for him, then you are voting for Clinton. I don’t care if you have a personal hatred of Trump. I don’t care if you don’t agree with all of his policies. I don’t care what you have against Trump. He will NOT be as bad for America as Hillary. He CANNOT be as bad for America as Hillary, no on can. Clinton is the very epitome of evil in this world.
This is Romney and Obama all over again. Any Conservative that didn’t hold their nose and vote for the R is directly responsible for everything Obama has done the last 7 years and they will be responsible for everything Clinton does for the next 8.


LOL! Anyone with principals, and who refuses to vote for evil (even the lesser of two evils), is RESPONSIBLE FOR EVERYTHING OBAMA HAS DONE??? You have lost your mind and are a tool of the GOPe, either knowingly or unknowingly…

Haywood Jablome

Sorry…this BS isn’t going to work again. Me thinks you may want to look up how voting works. Not voting for one person does not give the other person the vote. Never has. Never will. You sound like an idiot when you say that. Not voting for Trump does not make me responsible for anything other than not voting for Trump. You can cry all you want. Point your finger. Do whatever makes you feel better. I will not vote for Trump…and I will sleep just fine at night.

Dr. Detroit

I think you’ve misunderstood F.P. point, poorly worded as it was. I believe that what was meant was that by not voting for someone, you were not voting against the opposition. So while you won’t vote for Trump, you are also not voting against Hillary, by casting that vote for Trump.
Hopefully my muddy example is a tad clearer than F.P.’s


“So while you won’t vote for Trump, … by casting that vote for Trump.”

My point was “poorly worded”, and this is “a tad clearer”? Yikes…

Haywood Jablome

No, I got his point. I get yours as well. But, your argument seems to be, in order to vote “against” Hitlary, I have to vote “for” Trump. Not gonna happen. I won’t vote “for” a candidate I don’t belive in. Period. We can parse semantics all day…F.P was using a typical left wing tactic of false premises. I ain’t buyin’ it anymore.


Garland disqualified himself at the announcement in the rose garden. He said he would uphold the constitution and the laws passed by congress.The high court is supposed to uphold only the constitution and be a counter balance to the congress and president. Why have a high court if it only rubber stamps whatever rights congress grants us? I agree with Hershel and would add that America broke covenant with God. The two candidates accurately reflect the American electorate. It’s really happening. America is dying a most grotesque death. Get ready.

grace country pastor
America is under no covenant agreements with God. God only made covenant agreements with the nation He created, Israel, as it was Israel who agreed to “keep” the law. Nations other than Israel are called Gentile, heathen or uncircumcised nations. That would be you and I here in Amerika. Israel is fallen along with all the Gentile nations. God has absolutely zero covenant agreements in effect with any living persons in this dispensation of grace. Covenant agreements are past and future, not present. In this dispensation men do not have sin issues, they have Son issues. 2 Cor 5:19-21… “To wit, that God was in Christ, reconciling the world unto himself, not imputing their trespasses unto them; and hath committed unto us the word of reconciliation. Now then we are ambassadors for Christ, as though God did beseech you by us: we pray you in Christ’s stead, be ye reconciled to God. For he hath made him to be sin for us, who knew no sin; that we might be made the righteousness of God in him.” Sin has been dealt with on the cross. God is not judging men or nations today based upon what they do, but what… Read more »
We, the people of America, have violated His natural law. Perhaps covenant is the wrong the word. We have the blood of 55 million dead babies being, apparently, killed and parts sold for fun (work avoidance) and profit. We have the repugnant abomination of homosex marriage, apparently, for fun and profit. And the matter of mixing of seed. These things are not natural and if you don’t think He is judging us both now and then, I will disagree. I have zero doubt that we, by allowing this, we will and are being judged, yes individually but we are all responsible. I respect your use of the word war. I have used it myself and perhaps it is more apt in this application. The LORD God is not turning his back on America. America has long since turned its back on God. In fact America has walked away from God and is now in OPEN REBELION which is a state of war against God. Your country has declared war on The LORD GOD Almighty of the universe and you let it happen. Quit your 501c(3) status and come out from out under the creature of the state and tell your… Read more »
grace country pastor
“We, the people of America, have violated His natural law.” Every person on earth has violated Gods Law. Americans are not special in this regard. There are many more things than what you list that people do in violation of what God would have us do. That does not mean He is punishing us for doing them currently. If He is He is doing a terrible job because (as you say) we are getting away with murder. Fact check… YOU are “repugnant” to God. Not just the faggot in the fag bar. I am repugnant to God, in my flesh. Praise God that He makes the righteousness of His Son available to me by way of the cross and kills me “in my flesh”. (all Romans 6) Rom 6:26… “To declare, I say, at this time HIS righteousness: that HE might be just, AND the justifier of him which believeth in Jesus.” Men will be judged. When a man dies he will approach the throne of God with either his own deeds (plural) in his hands as payment for entry into heaven; or he will show up with Christs deed (singular) as payment. I have made my choice. Have you… Read more »
Ya know what, I tried to be polite. I fully understand my standing with the LORD. I have an eighth grade education. I was busy trying to drink myself to death when I was taken, against my will to be His. All I wanted to do, in no particular order, was chase women, get drunk, and blow stuff up. Kicking and screaming against my will. I didn’t want this job but I only have one job to do on this planet and that is, to tell people what the Holy Bible says. I fear God. Listen good motherfucker. With tears streaming down my face and hands shaking you better believe that I am afraid. Here’s why; Do you understand that which is coming to your children out to several generations? Do you think the Old Testament is just a bunch of stories about the Jews? Wrong! We’re not even talking about the Revelation. Nope, we’re just talking good old fashioned stuff that happens when God ain’t happy with you. You can’t kill 50,000,000 babies and get away with it. What do you, as church leadership tell folks to do about this? Not much right? Do you think God sees this… Read more »

Sorry, Mr. Smith.

grace country pastor
No need to call me motherfucker. We likely have far more in common personally than you might care to admit. “Do you think the Old Testament is just a bunch of stories about the Jews?” I think the old testament/covenant began in Exodus 19:5 at the giving of the law. IF/THEN. If the people obey, then will God bless. If the people will not obey, then will God curse. I believe the “old testament” the books of Exodus through Acts chapter 8 specifically regards the Jews. I believe the books of Hebrews through Revelation are “new testament” instructions specifically for the nation Israel as to how they should walk through the pouring out of wrath of God during the tribulation which is to come. Israel failed to obey (which God foreknew). God then promised them a new covenant. Note with whom this covenant is made. The house of Israel and the house of Judah. Jeremiah 31:31-34… “Behold, the days come, saith the Lord, that I will make a new covenant with the house of Israel, and with the house of Judah: Not according to the covenant that I made with their fathers in the day that I took them by… Read more »

Never try to herd your sheepdogs. It pisses them off and leaves the flock vulnerable. There are ways to redirect them if a pastor thinks they ought to be barking about a different wolf. Never herd them into the flock, you get bit or they run off or both. I’m reduced to nursery rhymes. Ugh, but smile.




And the matter of mixing seed.

What are you referring to, here? I get the feeling it’s nothing to do with agriculture.

I vacillate about it. God said have dominion and subdue the earth but he first said that it was good that plants and animals brought forth new plants and animals after their own seed. He likely meant that it was good that the plants are self-sufficient among their own kind to reproduce. I’m not trained, I just read my bible, and I did not take it to mean that. I took it to mean that they stick to their own for reproduction and that, that is good. A little bit about genetically engineered food crops (and now animals) – In panama (because it’s illegal here) a new fish has been created. It is called salmon, approved for import and consumption in the US without labeling. It was created by combining two fish that can only reproduce after their own kind outside of human laboratory intervention, and not with each other in the wild. Same with GMO corn, soy and other crops grown in the US. They are combined with other plants (or animals) that don’t cross pollinate. (Not crossbreeding, selective breeding, hybridization or grafting.) I’m not a botanist or similar, check out the science for yourself – Having said all… Read more »

I couldn’t disagree more regarding genetically modified or engineered food/organisms. I also take issue with any interpretation of the Bible that peddles legalism of any and all stripes or extremes.

That’s OK, though. We don’t have to agree, and this certainly isn’t the place to debate such topics. Thank you for your thoughtful response; I have heard “mixing seed” invoked to demonish inter-racial marriage, and wondered if that’s what you were getting at.

I’ve only hiked sections of the AT, but a life dream of mine is a through hike. I don’t know if that will ever be feasible now, due to a recent back fusion surgery, but time will tell. Hopefully I can recover enough to section hike it with my wife and children!


No argument from me. I could be wrong and admit it up front. I’m just a guy. I pray you will recover.

Frank Clarke

‘Morality’ is a first-person-singular concept. There is only an “I”. There is no “we” or “you” or “them”; there is only “I”. That’s why my salvation is my business and your salvation is yours — and yours alone. The GOP (and American fundamentalist) delusion that this can be fixed by the proper political party is why we are where we are. It can’t and it won’t. That delusion is at the heart of anti-liberty crusades like drug prohibition, alcohol prohibition, this prohibition, and that prohibition. We aren’t better simply because we live our lives as YOU see fit.

The sooner you understand that, the sooner we can start to dig out. I despair that you will ever leave us to live our lives in peace without trying to remake us all in YOUR image.


Im in NC. I haven’t met anyone “horrified” by him. Lotta libs here – sure. Trump won by a strong margin in NC. Not disagreeing with your overall post, however.

Lina Inverse
“Show us on the doll where Trump touched you.” Seriously, your incandescent Trump Derangement Syndrome is something to behold, but the whole package you present is beyond fantastic: Outside of Illinois, a few counties in California (probably soon to be reversed by the Ninth en banc) and D.C. moving from a total ban to something significantly worse than NYC, Heller and McDonald haven’t’ changed the facts on the ground at all, with the Supreme Court denying cert to every appeal that might enforce those decisions (the Illinois lower court decisions in our favor weren’t appealed). The idea that Trump as the Republican nominee will result in a Senate 15 seat swing super-majority that would then be willing to enact the gun-grabber’s wish list strikes me as vanishingly unlikely, that would require the Democrats taking all 7 competitive races and 8 considered to be “safe”, out of a total of 24, and not lose either Nevada or Colorado or any of their “safe” seats (this quick detailed analysis based on Ballotpedia). Me, I’m not looking for a perfect candidate, if I had “four no-compromise issues” at your level of no-compromise—did you even vote for Reagan, for he didn’t satisfy them—I wouldn’t… Read more »
Mark Dietzler

Indeed. In a Trump vs Hillary match up, Trump absolutely _destroys_ Hillary. Have you not seen that masterful 15 second ad his campaign just released? Could you imagine a couple of months of such effective advertising dismantling Hillary? Frankly, I look forward to it. It is about time someone got the balls to take the fight to her. Sure as hell hasn’t been the GOPe.

and the polls are always right, so Trump should just concede to the RINOs and Hillary, right? There have been so many predictions from the right, the left, and the mainstream media since Trump threw his hat in the ring with regards to what point in the process he would/will flame out. You’ve all been wrong. I’m not sure what the world you live your daily life in looks like, Captain, but I know the people on my level are suffering. There is a lot of anger. Let me tell you what I’m seeing. Moderate democrats are saying they will vote for Trump because the recognize the far left completely controls their party and are tearing the country apart (Obama, etc.) Independents are saying they will vote for Trump because career politicians are ruining their lives with financial burden and loss of freedoms. All republicans except those in your bubble will vote for Trump, even if they consider it the lesser of two evils because the are fed up with the repulican “establishment” and are scared to death of the possibility of Clinton as President (as we all should be). I think your bubble that I referred to is much… Read more »

When I look at this election season, I see “Mene, Mene, Tekel, Upharsin.”

Dr. Detroit

Sooo, basically you’re saying “anyone but Trump”? You will not vote if Trump is nominated insuring a Hillary win, the thing you say you don’t want. Trump may be a belligerent, narcissist, flaming butt wad, but he isn’t a murdering, rape supporting, hate mongering, Marxist.
I also think you should ignore the polls showing Hillary beating trump, those are establishment driven polls. “they” want “anyone but Trump” to run so Hillary can win.

Tom Madere

You guys never learn, you all did it to Romney in 12, stayed home because he wasn’t Christian enough being a Mormon, he started Romney care in Mass, he wasn’t this or that conservative enough so to satisfy yourself you stayed home and you got Obama,
Now you all are doing the same thing again. I voted for Cruise in the primary, I would love to see him as president but I can’t see him beating Hillary, I feel Trump at least has a chance to get crossover democrats and independents. You all believe all the BS in the internet when it fits your belief but reject it when it doesn’t. I got news for you all, it’s all BS designed to lead you one way or another. Here an Idea, don’t like Trump then do something for your fellow citizen, pay your vote forward, you probably know someone who wants Trump to win, dedicate your vote to him, pay it forward, be unselfish, help another.


NOT HARDLY! Give him the cold shoulder just like the dumocraps did several others.

Tom Madere

Quote,”You know, it occurs to me to note that the voters have done what they do with a mere tip of the hat to conservative Christians, which is feign support for our principles, but act differently. Conservative Christians get spat upon, and have forever because we let ourselves be spat upon. But this cycle is different. The voters are saying basically. “we don’t give a shit what conservative Christians think, you’ll vote for who we decide in the general election because the other option is worse, so says we!” Quote,

You see the problem but disregard it. Thing is you will never win another election with that thinking and it will only reward democrats. The old saying is you can’t go home again which is where you want to go. I don’t like it and you don’t like it but it is reality and denying it won’t change anything.

Lina Inverse

Or perhaps we disagree on tactics.

Ignoring the other topical issue of marriage (where of course Trump really sucks, at least when it comes to divorce), it doesn’t matter a wit how much I loathe abortion when the county elects and then reelects a full throated supporter of the form of infanticide called partial birth abortion.

We have so comprehensively lost this battle that solutions short of … well, as has been noted by others, we could be forgiven for wondering if God owes Sodom and Gomorrah an apology. We need to get a lot more foundational than electing another completely ineffective in this culture and political system “anti-abortion” President.

That’s one of the attractive things about Trump, his unremitting attacks on “political correctness,” which is a part of a non-violent solution to this issue.


I agree with you. I would say that God will not owe Sodom an apology. He is, thankfully, slow to anger. Everyone but the willfully ignorant and the truly stupid feels it, knows in their heart, even the unbelievers, that something is drastically wrong. It’s coming, the full wrath, might and fury of the LORD. Standby.

Frank Clarke

And how did we get here — ‘here’ being ‘face to face with two unacceptable evils’?

You Republicans did this to us — and to yourselves, as it turns out. You volunteered for this by insisting that morality COULD be legislated and by lying about ‘smaller government’ all these years. The rubes who believed your nonsense year after year while you methodically GREW government’s size and power — they were your meat and potatoes, voting straight-line GOP because you were the lesser evil. At last we have arrived. Between GOP evil and Dem evil there is not enough space to slide a sheet of newsprint.

Better that you all go now. Go sit with the Democrats who are your natural allies and leave those of us who still love liberty to lick our wounds. Begone.

Why do people keep saying that Trump can’t beat Hillary? The “polls” keep being referenced. The same ones that are manufactured by the same media controlled by government and the globalists. Their purpose is to get sheep to go along because, well, the polls said so. The polls said that Jesse Ventura could never be the governor of Minnesota. How did THAT work out? If you’re not for Trump out of conscience, I respect that. However, all the entities that I’m against are also against him (especially the GOPe) and “the enemy of my enemy is my friend.” If he is the nominee, I’m going to take the chance. I know, we might end up with Hillary. If I don’t, though, we WILL end up with Hillary, and we might be surprised. Trump might be better than some people think. Also, he’s not Obama, meaning, he’s not black. There’s no fear of being labeled a racist to keep him from being impeached if he gets out of line. That’s the closest to win/win that we are going to be offered in this election cycle (not only do we need to take our country back, we need to take the Republican… Read more »

Cruz can’t beat Hilarity either, So don’t dump it all on Trump. If a vote for Trump is more painful than a bullet, so be it. I personally think people got too much uppityness in them saying Trump offends their sensibilities sooo much that they let Hilarity get to be the Boss.

Paul X

I don’t care who wins. The iceberg is still right in front of the USSA Titanic no matter who the captain is. Let Hillary do her damnedest. We are long overdue for a Revolution. If we slime out of having one, we deserve what we are going to get.


“In know North Carolina because I live here. Folks around these parts are horrified at Trump’s antics. Listen to me. Embarrassed and horrified. North Carolina will go for Hillary, I guarantee it.”

Well that’s strange, I also live in NC and most of the people I know like Trump. Well, not him so much as his ideas on immigration and trade. I think at this point it’s obvious that career politicians can’t solve anything.

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